FAB Universal

* In 2014 the company had some significant legal issues and has since been delisted from trade by the NYSE. The site has been stripped down, offering only the bare minimum information that is required by law.

FAB Universal Corporation is a leader in global digital media distribution, serving customers worldwide through Digital Media Services, Retail Media Sales and Wholesale Media Distribution.

In 2011, Wizzard Software announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire Digital Entertainment International Ltd. (FAB). On September 27, 2012 the Company announced that it had closed on the acquisition and together Wizzard and FAB plan to become the global leader in digital media through the newly formed FAB Universal Corporation.

I was given the task of creating a corporate site that reflects the convergence of the two corporations, their products and their services as one united company.  The real challenge was that FAB is a Chinese company and that very little information was available in English. This is also a public company traded on AMEX, so certain information is required to be accessible.


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